Friday, 11 May 2012

A new magazine and a daft cat.

Sorry it's taken me so long to write a new post. My computer decided to be RUBBISH and only download half my new photos. I also had a chemistry exam. What fun!

Anyway, the other day i spotted a beading magazine in a local shop and bought it to see if it would give me any new ideas. The magazine was called "Creative Beads and Jewellery" (to view the magazine's website, please click here) and was issue 22, if anyone fancies buying it and having a look.

 Anyway, I bought it as it has loads of great ideas on different beads to make, including felt, crochet and, the ones i tried to make, wire beads.

Mine did come out a bit wonky, but, for a first attempt, they weren't too bad. I spent ages on them at the beginning trying to get them perfect but, as it turns out, the less perfect they are, the better they look! My hands were ACHING by the end of it though, as they are a bit fiddly, especially at the beginning, and the only wire i had was slightly too thin (the magazine recommends 0.9mm and i used 0.8mm).

I then moved on to trying out a couple of earring designs from the magazine, which i thought were pretty good!

They were also pretty easy to make, although they look quite complicated. I think these are my FAVOURITE!

These are the other ones i made:

I made these a bit shorter than the magazine said, cause i don't like earrings that are too long. I also messed them up a bit cause i only had pink seed beads left, which don't really match. I'll eventually have a go at making the necklaces and bracelets to match, but i'll have to wait til my exams are FINALLY over.

Anyway, i'm about to get off the subject of jewellery ENTIRELY and go onto gardening. Sort of.

A couple of weekends ago i spent AGES digging the garden. Hours and hours. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.  Anyhoo, i spent the day pulling all the weeds out the garden, and all the old plants that we were getting rid of. I then raked all the soil, and planted in all the new summer bulbs. Then my cat appeared. Instead of thinking 'there is a very comfortable garden bench round the back that i can sleep on all day and not be disturbed', she decided to sleep here:

Yes, that is my NEWLY DUG GARDEN! Daft cat.

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