Monday, 14 May 2012


Lately, i have had LOTS of new ideas for things to make but, because of RUBBISH exams, i don't have anytime to make them. So i thought, since i only had one exam left, that i would take a few minutes to share all my lovely ideas with you. So before i fall back into my revision pit full of lecture slides and paper cuts (2 so far), here is my to do list:

1. Make a long necklace using my new beads

2. This one has a bit of a story to it. Aaaaages ago, i bought a dress in primark. When i got it home, i tried it on (it was a bit of a squeeze) and walked throughout the house letting everyone admire my lovely, lovely dress. Then went back through to get changed. This is where the problems started. The dress, instead of having a zip down the side, was elasticated instead. Turns out the elastic wasn't quite stretchy enough. It was STUCK! No matter what i did, the dress refused to budge. So i had to do the 'walk of shame' back through the house, to explain what had happened and get some help. Once everyone had stopped LAUGHING (it took several minutes), i was eventually CUT out of it! My lovely, lovely dress now had a big split up the back. However, the dress was so lovely and had such a lovely pattern on it, i couldn't face throughing it away. So it went in the wardrobe, and has been there ever since. Until now!

I saw my lovely, lovely dress looking very sad and lonely and had an INSPIRATIONAL thought! I could cut it up and make a skirt! So, task 2. make a lovely, lovely skirt.

3. Similar to task two, without the getting stuck bit. I bought a dress out of asda and got it home and when i tried it on, it did not suit me at all. But, as the pattern is so pretty, i will attempt to make another skirt.

4. Make a flower corsage thing out of lovely blue felt.

5. Make LOTS of things out of my new book ('Lovely things to make for girls of slender means' by Eithne Farry) that my sister gave me for my birthday.

6. Make LOTS of things from my 'creatve beads and jewellery' magazine.

7. Finish off my Penny Quilt (see earlier post) and my butterfly quilt.

8. Attempt to make beads from resin or polymer clay (wanted to try this for ages but haven't had the time. If you have any good tips, leave a comment.)

Hopefully, by writing this in my blog, i will actually do some of them. If i don't, please leave comments telling me to HURRY UP AND FINISH (insert task number here).

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