Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A knitting success! (eventually...)

So, I haven't posted in a while, but I have been very busy (well, that might be a lie.) Anyhoo, first things first. Since you last heard from me (many, many months ago) I have become an Auntie! Oh, yes! And I have a feeling that I might already be the favourite auntie. Well, ok, I'm the ONLY Auntie, so I hope I'm the favourite! So, I've been a bit lacking jewellery-making-wise but instead, I've been knitting. Now, I've knitted bits and pieces before (mainly scarves that are never quite finished) and my most successful knitting venture was a few years ago when I started a pair of baby bootees and, well, let's just say they didn't quite end up the same size. Or shape. So, I thought "I have to try harder this time. There's only nine months to go!" and started (and finished!) a gorgeous pink and white stripey hoodie. Look, it even has ears!

However, I hadn't thought this through since, nine months later, my sister gave birth to The Nephew! And, however lovely and gorgeous he is, he would not like to wear a pink stripey hoodie with ears. So, the knitting pins came out again, this time with BLUE wool wrapped around them, and this was made:

However, no matter how hard i tried, or how fast i knitted, I was still too slow and it ended up a size too wee for The Nephew. Hmmm, this knitting malarky is harder than it looks! So, on to try number three. And, I'll be honest, after knitting up a wee bit of jumper number three, I stupidly left it in a bag on the floor next to my couch and, annoyingly, came home the next day to find that The Cat had destroyed it! So, jumper number three ended up in the bin.

So, I thought, I must have one more go before I through in the towel (or pins, I suppose) and, after a phone call from The Sister telling me that The Nephew had grown too big for his hat, I thought "This is my chance!" and, after several days of knitting (and, basically, nothing else!) attempt number four was finished!

And, even better, it fitted! And was the right colour! And shape! Well, ok, it was a bit big and fell down over his eyes when we put in on. But still, it counts!

Hmmmm...maybe I should just go back to jewellery...