Sunday, 22 July 2012


Without realising it until now, i've actually had a pretty productive week! I've managed to start a few jewellery projects that i've been meaning to do for AGES! I've also managed to get loads done in the garden and even had time to make AMAZING scones, with jam and whipped cream. I ate WAY too many though, but i couldn't help it, they were SO GOOD!! Just to prove how good they were, i took a picture.

I also received a lovely parcel through the post, telling me i had won a £25 goodie bag from MadCowBeads! And here it is:

The letter they sent.
A jewellery book.

Lovely pearls in black, grey, red, pink and blue. I love working with pearls!
Some gold eyepins, silver jump rings, gold flower spacers, silver earring wires and more gold spacers. I never work with gold jewellery, so i might have to challenge myself a bit!
And some charms ('made with love' heart charms, musical notes, dove peace charms, stars and gold holly leaf charms.)
 So, not too bad a selection considering i got it all for free! Most of it i would have picked for myself, so i'm pretty pleased! I also spent the morning digging up ALL the potatoes cause they are being munched by all the beasties in the garden, so now i'm absolutely knackered and never want to see another potato again. Which is a shame, as we're having some for dinner tonight. And tomorrow. And into the foreseeable future. Oh well, at least they taste nice!

I've also started attempting to make a dress! I've not finished it yet. In fact, i've barely started it, but here's a sneak peak.

Now, i've started loads of things this week, but not really finished many of them, so i'm off!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jewellery and Jealousy!

I'm becoming very jealous reading about all the people taking part in the Bead Soup Blog Party. It looks like loads of fun and i wish i'd signed up to it this year! I can't wait to see what everyone makes and really hope there's going to be another one soon so i can have a go! I'd probably be rubbish at it but i'd have a good try!

Anyway, i've not had time recently to make much jewellery, but i have made a couple of things and thought i would show you them.

A necklace with some purple wire beads, pearls and spacers.

I also went a bit spiral mad this week, and made a few earrings.

I'm also planning to have a go at making a bracelet that featured in a tutorial at The Gossiping Goddess Blog, but i'm going to have to order a few materials for it first. I love shopping for new beads! Problem is, i'm very quickly running out of places to keep them! I may have to have a bit of a bead clear out. This turned into a bit of a 'bits and pieces' post, so i will try and put up a more interesting one later on, that is if i have anything interesting to say!