Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bead Soup!!!!

I can't believe it. I actually managed to make everything I had planned for my bead soup! Elizabeth over at Elizabeth's Art sent me a massive soup full of pinks and turquoise and antique bronze metal (which I've never used before) which gave me loads of ideas! However, there was a bit of a mishap when i tried making the little pink and blue aluminium flowers into earrings and well...let's just say one got a bit that idea didn't work but i did finally manage to make something with them in the end! So, here is the bead soup i received:

I absolutely love long necklaces so I decided to use the focal as a pendant:

It took me literally A MILLION YEARS to photograph this necklace (well, ok, a few hours but it's still a long time!). I tried laying it flat, curving it round, hanging it up, draping it over...and I'm still not happy with the photo. I REALLY like the way the necklace looks, but i just CAN'T TAKE A PHOTO!! So annoying!!

I then made a charm bracelet and added a couple of lucite flower drops from my stash. However, it still looked a little bare so I threaded some waxed cotton cord  through the chain to add a bit of texture:

To finish off, I then made some earrings. I absolutely LOVED the little glass flower beads and wanted them as simple, one bead earrings:

Then I used some crystals and tiny pearls to make a pair of cluster earrings:

And, finally, some hair clips using the gorgeous, UN-SQUASHED aluminium flowers:

I had no idea my hair was so dark! It looks blonde in the mirror! Scary!

Anyhoo, if you fancy having a nosey at some of the other bead soup participants, here's the link: Bead Soup Blog Party!! All of this was organised by Lori Anderson, so THANK YOU!!

Happy blog hopping!