Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Catch Up!

I haven't posted for a while, so here is a catch up of all the stuff i've been up to (Don't worry, it isn't a long list. I've not done much):

1. After talking about it for AGES, i finally made an attempt at some macrame and, surprisingly, i managed it! Unfortunately, I'm a very impatient person and wore the bracelet before the glue dried fully and a bit of it has started to unravel, so now i have to fix it but NEVER MIND, i still count it as a success, if maybe only a partial one.

2. I have started making a dress, which i think i mentioned in my last post. It's going really well so far! OK, that might be a bit of a lie. Actually, it's a big, fat LIE! I started it about two and a half weeks ago; i haven't finished the bodice yet, or done anything to the skirt; I've had to unpick it several times because i kept making mistakes; I bought new bobbin things for my sewing machine, then discovered they don't fit and, finally, I decided today would be the day i finished it! Then ran out of thread. I think that was because i've had to unpick it so many times. I doubt i'll ever have a future as a dressmaker, but at least the colour is nice!

3. Some gardening antics: I have, for the first time EVER, managed to GROW SOMETHING EDIBLE! Well, that's not quite true. I did attempt this last year, but only managed to grow one tomato, and i didn't even eat that, as i don't like them. Anyway, this year we have potatoes and (questionable) onions (they are a bit on the green side and not at all like the brown ones you buy in a shop).

4. I have just had to throw out my very lovely, comfy slippers. This may not sound like much, but in my little cottage, which is nearing it's 200th birthday, not wearing slippers is like wandering around with your feet strapped to some ice-cubes. Very cold ice-cubes. However, i couldn't justify keeping them for a moment longer, considering they were very misshapen, full of holes, a different colour to what they were when i bought them and pretty much falling apart. This may be because i wander around the garden in them. I may have to invent some off-road slippers to wear outside. Or maybe i'll just put some shoes on next time. But that doesn't sound as fun.