Sunday, 26 May 2013


Last week I finally finished my exams for university. Yay! Now i can spend the whole day making jewellery and not feel guilty! I have lots of ideas that I'm planning to try out and I was going to start today, until I looked outside and saw that we had a (very rare!) sunny weekend here in Scotland! There was no way I was going to waste that sitting inside all day! Way too much gardening to be done! Although i did spend a bit of time this morning making tablet!!

For anyone who doesn't know, tablet is a very famous scottish recipe. It's a bit like fudge, but LOADS better and probably with a lot more sugar and condensed milk! I think i've eaten too much though, as i do feel a bit hyper with all the sugar! However, the best it about tablet, just like anything you bake, is scraping out the pot! And, as you can see, not a bit was wasted!

Anyhoo, since i've been busy with exams, i've only made a couple of jewellery items, including this commissioned necklace, bracelet and earrings set.

I also have some jewellery ideas up my sleeve and, after looking at all the bead soup entries (thanks to anyone who commented or started following my blog!) i really want to try out more seed bead projects. I've only ever tried the basics and there were so many gorgeous seed bead pieces that i really want to have another go! And, now that I've written it here, I'll have to make sure i do it!