Monday, 3 June 2013

My VERY FIRST attempt at making a ring!

I have been making jewellery for a few years now and, in that time, I have NEVER made a ring! This is very bad, especially since my blog is called "Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie"! It's also very difficult for me to find rings that actually fit. My fingers are quite skinny and most rings just fall off. I'm also way too scared to try on rings in shops. WHAT IF IT GETS STUCK?! So, the other day I had a look online for a fairly simple beaded ring tutorial and found this: 

This seemed like a pretty good place to start so I raked out some seed beads and got to work. The first ring I made was too small:

Also, as you have probably noticed from the picture, I managed to break it! So ANNOYING! I really liked the turquoise bead in the middle but I think the two grey beads either side of it were a bit big, so maybe it was a good thing that it broke cause now i can change it!

After this I tried a pink design. This ring was too big:

So, I guessed I had one more shot at getting it right before I got way too crabbit and gave up. And it worked! A blue and silver design that actually fit! 

 So, after all these years (and a few dodgy sized rings) I have finally made a beaded ring that actually fits! And one that I can keep all for myself!  That is, until my mum saw them and asked if she could have the blue one. Oh well, guess I'll have to make some more!