Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A good ol' rant

I have a feeling that this post may turn into a bit of a rant, but it is understandable.

My sister bought me a voucher for a bead website for my birthday. Yesterday i decided to spend it on lots and lots of lovely beads and things to make. Unfortunately, the bead website has decided to use a very stupid way to redeem your voucher. You have to log in using the email and password OF THE PERSON THAT BOUGHT YOU THE VOUCHER! I don't see why they would have a system like this because now, if they want to contact me about my order, they will instead be contacting my sister through her email. Now, this is ok for me because my sister can just give me any messages, but if this had been bought by someone that i don't see or speak to very often, it would have made it really difficult to claim back my voucher.

As well as all this, once my sister had told me her login details, i then picked out all the beads i would like and paid for them, only to discover that the login details had somehow changed back to mine and i ended up paying the full price, without the money off voucher.
I may be missing something here, or maybe just being a bit stupid (as usual), but surely this is a RUBBISH way for a website to organise vouchers?

The UPSIDE to all this, i suppose, is that i still have my voucher to spend on more beads. Which is a pretty good upside!

Anyway, sorry. Rant over. Now back to crafty stuff (i mean that as in arts and crafts, not crafty as in sneaky...)

I haven't really made much jewellery in the last couple of days, as i have been making crocheted flowers instead. Lots of them! I've never been very good at crocheted stuff, so being able to make something is, for me anyway, AMAZING! (I get bored really easily.)

I've also been doing LOTS of gardening as, for once, it is SUNNY IN SCOTLAND!!!!! And no, i'm not joking!! It's actually so hot outside just now that i've had to come back in to cool off a bit. Don't remember ever having to do that before.

 Anyway, i thought i would show you some pictures of all the plants i've been growing (not a terribly impressive list, but never mind). I've somehow ended up with about forty tomato plants. Trouble is, i hate tomatoes. I don't mind them when they're all mushed up with other stuff, but on their own, they're horrible. Weird thing is, this i the second year i've grown them. You'd think i'd learn.

They don't look like much yet, but i've just replanted them into bigger pots. Then i ran out of pots. So i stopped.

Here are some sunflowers. They're doing pretty well, considering they started off as bird seed.
I was going to show you more pictures of the carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes i'm growing, but i feel this post will end up getting pretty boring if i do. So i'm going to stop.

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