Friday, 18 May 2012

Crocheted Flower!!

It's official. My exams are FINISHED!! Actually, my last exam was a couple of days ago but since then i've been busy making things! To begin with, i made a necklace, using an idea from 'creative beads and jewellery' magazine. This actually matches the lilac pearl and crystal earrings that i mentioned in an earlier post.

 I'm actually giving this as a present to a family friend. I may make one for myself too. Mybe try it out in a different colour. You never know! I also made some small pearl earrings to match, as the other earrings are quite long.

Then, i raked out an old 'Mollie Makes' magazine (issue 12) that had a great pattern for a crochet flower brooch. I tried to make this about a month ago but i never seemed to be able to get it to work and kept getting knots in it and having to start again. VERY ANNOYING! So i had another go today and, second time around (first one got a knot in it), i finally MANAGED IT!

As you can probably tell, i am VERY PROUD of this! It's the first crocheted thing that i've actually managed to FINISH! (Only just realised how often i write in capitals. Should probably stop doing that.)

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