Thursday, 26 April 2012

Stretchy bracelets, nail polish and vegetables (what a weird title...)

I've had these flower charms lying about in my jewellery box for ages, so i thought i would try and make a bracelet, using the charms, some grey and turquiose pearls, and some clear sparkly crystals. Here is the finished product:

 The charms had two spaces on the back so that you could make a 'doubled up' bracelet with two strands of wire or elastic, rather than one. I decided to use elastic as i don't use it very often and i thought it would work really well with this bracelet. The bracelet is finished by tying the elastic using a reef knot. (you can watch videos on how to tie a reef knot online. It's a very easy knot to use). I actually used three reef knots to make it extra secure. A good tip when tying a knot in elastic is to dab a bit of clear nail varnish onto the knot, as this dries and stops the knot from unravelling, yet doesn't show up.

Now onto vegetables. Mine have FINALLY started to grow! I didn't think i would have any considering most of the glass got blown out of the greenhouse when it was stormy, but i persevered. I went to a garden centre and bought a mini greenhouse, which was basically four  metal shelves with a zip up plastic cover over the top. Then i planted LOADS of vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, leeks, sunflowers and strawberries (i know the last two aren't vegetables, but i'm still growing them so i thought i'd mention them). The sunflowers haven't actually started growing yet, and they might not, considering i got them from bird food and decided to try and grow them as an experiment (this coming from the scientist part of me). I'm not even sure if i'll get vegetables in the end as they are all in pots, and i don't know if you're meant to grow them all like that, but never mind.

Anyway, i've just noticed the bulb in my tortoise's enclosure has just popped which is VERY annoying, so i'd better go fix it. (His name is Alfie, if you were curious, from a Roald Dahl book). Anyhoo, toodle pip!

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