Monday, 16 April 2012

New beads!!

I recently found a new bead shop near my house and bought some fantastic leafy beads and charms.

And i liked them so much that i started making lots and lots of jewellery! First i made a necklace in sort of autumn-ish colours.

Then i made some earrings to match.

Then my mum spotted very nice pink fuchsia style earrings in a magazine, and i decided to try and make a similar pair. 

I think these turned out pretty well and are my favourite earrings just now. I even made them in different colours so they would match loads of different outfits.

Then these earrings gave me an idea for another necklace.

I started this with spring colours in mind but i ended up just using any colour i fancied. This photo makes it look a bit darker than it actually is, but never mind. I've also been working on a charm bracelet to give as a birthday present to a friend.

I may even make another one and keep it for myself!

Anyhoo, i've spent the last couple of days making these and doing not much else, so i'd best get on with some boring things like tidying up, revising for exams, etc. What fun!

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