Friday, 1 June 2012

The School Fair

It's official. I actually sold earrings! It's true! I made 24 pairs (i would have made more but i completely ran out of earring wires. ANNOYING.) and i sold 19 pairs. I sold each pair for £2.50 and made £44, all of which went to Shelterbox. (For the smart cookies amongst you, yes, i do realise that £44 does not divide by £2.50, but someone didn't quite have enough money, so i let them pay a bit less). The fair only lasted an hour, so £44 in one hour is not too shabby! Also, out of the 5 pairs of earrings left, one pair i really wanted to keep for myself and one pair my mum really wanted. FANTASTIC!

So, i am now planning to sell on Etsy, and maybe (i only found out about this website yesterday, so should probably look at it a bit more first. And maybe buy lots of beads when i'm next on it. I'm only being polite...) However, i can't start selling yet because the school fair COMPLETELY depleted my earring wires and a few other things, so i'd best stock up first, but DON'T WORRY, i let you know when i start selling and i'll put up a link so you can go and have a wee nosey around. You know you will.

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