Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nice things and not so nice things.

Here are some of the nice things that have happened to me recently:

1. I have just had some lovely new beads delivered through the post.
2. I bought more new beads when i went to a bead shop (i really need to start making things with all the bits and pieces i have left to make some room. I might make some charm bracelets. Hmm...).
3. I received my personalised stickers through the post. (I stuck one on a parcel so you could see what they looked like.)

4. I have received some orders to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings for some family friends.
I wish i could have kept this one.

5. I've received another order to make christmas presents.
6. I have just discovered that 'Despicable Me 2' is coming out next year. I absolutely loved the first film. I can't wait! I realise that has nothing to do with jewellery. Or crafts, really. But it's still nice.

Here are some rubbish things that have happened:

1. One of my bracelets broke, so now i have to fix it.
2. I drank a milkshake this morning that was so horrible, it made my nose hurt.
3. I was in such a daze this morning that i managed to put my pants on back to front. I'm not joking.
4. I slept in this morning. This may be a nice thing for some, but i actually got up so late this morning that it stopped being a nice thing. Bet you never thought that could happen! I'm not even going to write how late it was, as you will be too shocked.
5. I was still in my pyjamas when someone came round to read the meter.
6. Yesterday i fell over and hurt my hand and knee. ALOT.
7. I have been made to watch sport on the television for a million years. Literally. I hate sport.
8. This year in Britain is 'The Summer of Sport'.

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