Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lots of jewellery stuff

I've been really busy lately making LOTS of stuff. So, i thought i'd spend the morning showing you all the lovely things i've been making.

Firstly, i've been making LOADS of bracelets. When i say loads, i actually mean 12. With matching earrings. And a necklace. They're not all for me. In fact, i didn't get to keep any of them. ANNOYING! They are all part of an order for someone to give out as gifts. So, as you are probably DESPERATE to see all these lovely bracelets (This is untrue. You're probably just a bit curious), here they are:

Red and yellow crackle beads, orange 'shard' beads and yellow crystals. (I'm not really sure what all the proper names for the beads are.)
This has to be my favourite. It's made with turquoise beads, silver bead caps, grey and black 'crackle' beads and small blue bicone crystals. I'm definitely going to make one for myself.

This one was just simply grey and petrol pearls with bead caps and silver spacers, but it turned out quite well.
Black and pink bracelet.
Silver and green bracelet.
Blue pearl and crystal bracelet.
This one has purple beads with a blue and silver 'splatter' pattern, with some pearls and spacers.

This one is made to match a necklace that i featured in a previous post (I was going to put up a link to the post but it turns out i never did put a picture of the necklace up. So, imagine this bracelet, but necklace sized. Excellent.)

I really liked this one cause it seemed to have sort of (?) spring colours. Anyway, it's nice.

This one is a sort of apple-y green colour. Probably didn't need to write that. You can see it.

A sort of coffee coloured one. Obviously.

I was asked to make a 'pink and sparkly' necklace, bracelet and earrings set.

I apologise for this post being so long, and not having much in it, but i promise i have just one more thing to show you, then you can all go back to ...hmmm...whatever you want to do.  The world is your oyster! I still don't really understand what that phrase is all about. I don't even like oysters, and i don't particularly want to live on one. But i digress...

Lastly (hooray! You've made it to the end of this endless, and not very interesting, post.) I wanted to show you a new necklace charm i've been working on.

A lovely bird nest. I'm going to buy a bird charm to hang next to it, then put it on a long necklace.

So, congratulations to all who made it this far. Don't worry, i'm going to stop now.

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