Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My venture into knitting!

I have to be honest, i've not done much jewellery making recently. I made a few earrings last week, but that was about it, although i am thinking up ideas for a red set to be raffled in a sale for comic relief. However, my creativity hasn't gone completely out the window! Instead, i've been having a go at knitting. I've known how to knit since i was about five (my mum is a knitting expert) but apart from making the odd scarf (and some really were odd), i've not really done much else. So, a few weeks ago when it was snowing and i got stuck inside all day, i had another go at knitting. But this time, instead of sticking to scarves, i decided to have a go at a baby blanket pattern my mum found for me in a folder, which is a pretty basic pattern and good for a beginner. And, surprisingly, it's actually worked! I have made a few mistakes, but all were easily corrected and i'm now almost half way through! It also fits in with my New Years Resolutions to have a go at crafts other than jewellery. I was going to put up a photo, but i think i'll wait until i've finished. It might actually give me the incentive to finish it! That's looking less and less likely though, as i've already started on another two knitting projects! Hopefully at least one will end up finished!

Also, i finally managed to send off my bead soup! I was a bit late sending it out as uni work got in the way, but now it's done and all i have to do now is wait for my beads to arrive. Eek!

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